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Make a statement. Tell a story. Stand out amongst the crowd and demand everybody "look at you!" Above all, create a lasting memory! Now you can. Introducing AAC’s exclusive range of high quality wristband patterns. Choose between full-image options and sectional designs. The complete range is customisable. As a result, add a brand, message or tagline. Whatever you want, we can make it happen. We're extremely proud to offer unique patterns available nowhere else in the world. Moreover with our patterns, your event or venue will be remembered. After all, as they say, “Be bold or italic…just never regular!” As Australia’s only 100% locally made digital print Tyvek wristbands available worldwide, our high quality wristband patterns are built upon the 'Tyvek toughness' guarantee. As a result, they're tamper-proof, tear-proof, and water-proof. Furthermore, they're sequentially numbered meaning they’re security tight. Browse our entire collection and order yours today!
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