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Ultra HD Wristbands

Ultra HD Wristbands...they're new to market and exclusive to AAC. And the key to their success? Ultra HD is designed for high impact attention. Image quality like no other. Stunning resolution that captures every detail with breathtaking sharpness. A high gloss photo finish further ensures every wristband looks as striking as the artwork showcased. It's why Ultra HD ranks as the most visually optimised wristbands available. Like other AAC wristbands, they're tamper-proof and water-proof as well as built for providing effective access and crowd control. Above all, they're completely customisable. Boost your brand, elevate your event or market your message to the max! Wristbands are the most intimate form of advertising and customer communication available. With Ultra HD, achieve the impact you desire! So, get ready to experience the difference for yourself - explore our range and request a sample. You'll make the switch. Guaranteed.
25mm Ultra HD Wristbands
Ultra HD Wristix: 76mm
25mm Ultra HD Wristbands: Extra-Long
25mm Ultra HD RFID Wristbands