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The value of high quality plain lanyards of course is that so often they comes with purpose. If your business, event, school or venue handles large volumes of people (such as delegates, staff or visitors), lanyards are a must-have tool. They’re perfect for controlling crowd access and identity anywhere. And they’re also great for advertising at events. The great news is AAC have you covered with an amazing range of high-quality plain lanyards across 14 vibrant colours. In fact, AAC’s classic bootlace lanyards are always in stock. As a result, they’re always available for immediate overnight dispatch (when ordered before 2pm AEST Monday-Thursday). Ideally suited for those who don’t require or want custom ID branding, are operating on a budget or have simply run out of time (which happens even to the best of us!). Simply select a colour that best complements your environment.

All of our lanyards are manufactured to the same superior standard from loosely stitched polyester, formed into a tube and folded at the end. Finished with a flexible J-Swivel accessory clip, there’s no better lanyard available in Australia with such a short-term turnaround from purchase. Order online now!

  • After something more custom? To create a branded bootlace lanyard, simply contact our customer service centre today – 1300 797 478. For more details, click here.
  • Need help with your design? Our graphic artist is available to help create the best lanyard for you.

AAC Classic Bootlace Lanyards are great for: 

Conferences & Seminars | Cultural & Music Festivals | Exhibitions & Trade Shows | High-Volume Crowd Control | Hospitals | Last-Minute Corporate Events | Schools, TAFES & Universities | Security Staff Identification

*Next day dispatch with overnight delivery within Australia available (for orders placed prior to 2pm AEST Monday-Thursday).
Classic Bootlace Lanyards
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The value of identity of course is that so often it comes with purpose. And the most ubiquitous purpose for the value of identity definitely belongs with the lanyard. When managing large volumes of people, lanyards are a must-have tool for controlling crowd access and identity.
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