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Plastic tokens are the ‘bitcoin’ of today’s events and venues that’s still proving to be a popular alternative to traditional paper roll tickets in lieu of cash. Often used as food & beverage or game tokens for events, festivals, food markets and fairs – even schools use them as a reward system for student reward and recognition. What makes them a great currency converter so to speak is that tokens can be used over and over again. Add to this their obvious design to withstand the elements and durability and it makes why they’re very valuable for outdoor events and those lasting multiple days. Available in either 25mm or 29mm size as well as a range of vibrant colours, for more details or to place an order simply contact our customer service centre on 1300 797 478.

Want something more custom? Why not create something more reflective of your venue’s brand and the token’s usage or value. Whatever your requirements, AAC can help design a custom token for you. Check out our printed and embossed options for more information or simply contact our customer service centre on 1300 797 478 today.


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