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Tyvek Wristband


AAC’s high quality Tyvek wristbands offer premium digital colours, unmatched craftsmanship…and more wristband ‘real estate’ across our 19mm and 25mm range!

Make sure your next event runs smoothly by using 19mm or 25mm classic Tyvek wristbands. As the leading manufacturer of 100% Australian-Made Tyvek wristbands, when it comes to quality nothing else can compete. We use premium grade Tyvek along with a hardy adhesive and strict quality control processes to produce the world’s best wristbands. Available in 18 vivid digital colours, our 19mm or 25mm classic Tyvek wristbands range offers more wristband real estate. Perfect for increasing branding and message recall. As a result, you’ll achieve more bang for your marketing buck!

Our entire range of Tyvek wristbands are all tamper-proof, tear-proof and water-proof. That’s the Tyvek toughness guarantee we commit to. As a result, nobody can transfer them to another person either. Want more security options? They can also be sequentially numbered. Ideally suited for single-day use with any event or venue. What’s more, they’re a great safeguard for ensuring a smooth event and venue operations. Above all, our high quality Tyvek wristbands are the most cost effective identification solution available today. Order online now!

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