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Vinyl 10-Stub Wristbands
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AAC Vinyl 10 Stub Wristbands. Designed for event crowds that need to be ready for anything. We produce and sell unique, high quality products tailored for practical use across all events. Our vinyl 10-stub wristband is no exception. That’s to say, it’s in fact the most multi-usage wristband we offer. Jam-packed with features such as access and crowd control, branding and promotions, ID capability and a whopping 10 ticket stubs. Ideal for multiple day events, festivals, night markets and more, in other words it’s the ‘king‘ of stub wristbands.

All AAC vinyl 10 stub wristbands are built with 100% recyclable multi-layered material. As a result, they’re comfy, strong and water resistance. Furthermore, they’re non-transferable. That’s thanks to a fixed single-use clip. They’re also sequentially numbered. That means extra security. All features of their four-star security rating. That’s the AAC difference. As the hardest working wristband available, it’s also a terrific tool for controlling queues times. In fact, ticket stubs help speed up service areas. Hence, tailor them for food, beverages, rides, raffles, rewards and much more. It’s why ticket stub wristbands are adaptable to any event requirements. Choose from a selection of vibrant colours and create custom vinyl 10 stub wristbands that are as unique as your event. And your stub offers! Don’t Delay. Order online now.

After something more custom? Create an original vinyl wristband with relevant ticket stubs for your event. Click on the customise button and start designing now! Need help with your design? Our graphic artist is available to help create the best wristband for you. Enquire now – 1300 797 478. Don’t require so many ticket stubs? Have you considered our 5 stub vinyl wristband? Click here.


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