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COVID-19 Awareness Wristbands
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Stay aware, stay safe, stay in control all thanks to AAC’s speciality coronavirus COVID-19 awareness wristbands. As Australia’s only 100% locally made digital print wristbands, our product is manufactured in-house to the highest sanitary standards and come with our Tyvek toughness guarantee. As a result, they’re water-proof as well as sequentially numbered for identification purposes. Stay healthy and order now! At AAC, we are business as usual and our wristbands are 100% Australian Made.

AAC Wristbands in use: In 2019, AAC participated in a Schoolies initiative study with UV-colour changing wristbands to raise awareness on UV exposure from the sun. Most participants (73.4%) found the UV indicator wristbands helpful in reminding them to reapply sunscreen. Almost half of the participants (48.9%) reported after using the UV indicator wristbands that their sunscreen use increased. These findings show that awareness wristbands/wearables have a large influence on changing behaviour.


Want to add your own customisation? See our custom Tyvek wristbands – CLICK HERE or, contact our customer service centre to help create the wristband you want today 1300 797 478 – For more information on COVID-19 see the Australian Government Website – CLICK HERE

Our Coronavirus COVID-19 awareness wristbands can be used for

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