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Crowd Control Barriers

Robust, easy-to-install barriers designed for efficient crowd management. AAC's Crowd Control Barriers give you the ability to have custom signage with purpose: allowing you to ensure safety and provide clear directions or information.

Custom signage with purpose: keep event crowds safe & smooth, while giving directions or pushing your brands message.


• Save Security Headaches

• Vibrant Mesh Prints

• Use Indoors & Outdoors

• Keep Patrons Safe

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Create Efficient Crowds and Enhance Brand Visibility with our Crowd Control Barriers!

Versatile Crowd Management:

AAC’s Crowd Control Barriers are the ideal solution for efficient crowd control and branding at various events and venues. Our barriers serve multiple essential purposes, making them a valuable addition to any gathering.

Enhanced Brand Visibility:

AAC’s Crowd Control Barriers provide an excellent platform for promoting your brand, event, sponsors, or businesses. Customised with your branding, logos, and designs, these barriers serve as eye-catching advertising material, ensuring that your message is highly visible.

The Power of ID Solutions:

AAC’s commitment to event security extends beyond crowd control barriers. Our ID solutions, such as Tyvek wristbands, enhance security and increase revenue for event management. By incorporating security measures like Tyvek wristbands, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with unauthorised access and tampering.

Safety and Organization:

Safety is paramount at any event. Our barriers help maintain a safe distance between the crowd and designated areas, reducing the risk of accidents. They also play a crucial role in organising event spaces, directing the flow of traffic, creating orderly queues, and separating different sections to ensure a smooth and secure experience for all attendees.

Cost-Efficient Security:

Our barriers empower your crowd to control themselves, helping you save money on security personnel and reduce the need for extensive manpower. When your attendees follow the guidance of these barriers, it leads to a more cost-effective and secure event environment.

The Winning Trio: Crowd Control Barriers, Wristbands, and Mesh Banners:

For a comprehensive event security strategy, it’s essential to combine barriers with other security measures like wristbands and mesh banners. These elements work together seamlessly to ensure the smooth operation of your event, maintain security, and enhance brand visibility.

AAC: Your Partner for Secure and Memorable Events:

As the summer season approaches and larger crowds are expected at various venues and events across Australia, make sure you have the right tools in place to deliver memorable and safe experiences to your patrons. AAC offers a range of crowd control barriers, wristbands, and mesh banners that are designed to meet your unique needs and provide enhanced security, all while increasing revenue for your event.


Make crowd management efficient and security a priority with our barriers and associated ID solutions. Ensure your next event runs smoothly, maintains the safety of your attendees, and effectively promotes your brand.

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