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Elastic Wristbands

At AAC, w supply the best Elastic Wristbands, to the best Aquaparks, Waterparks and attractions across Australia. Our exclusive elastic wristbands are known for their signature sharp lines, flexible curves, and seamless surface that is both soft and stretchy.

AAC’s elastic wristbands are designed for durability and style. With sharp lines, flexible curves, and a seamless surface, they are both soft and stretchy. Available in full-colour digital print on both sides, our wristbands maximize your branding potential.

• Customisable to Your Brand

• Fast Leadtimes

• Stretchy & Smooth One-Piece Design


What are the Lead-times?

  • Custom Elastic Wristband orders will be dispatched within 15-20 days of payment and artwork approval.
  • If your wristbands are required urgently, ask about our priority service option.

20 Days

What are Elastic Wristbands?

High-quality elastic wristbands are hard to find. That’s why AAC is proud to offer an exclusive elastic range. Quality is driven to exacting standards. Chiefly, signature sharp lines, flexible elasticated curves and a seamless surface that’s soft and stretchy. We’re known for striking details. As a result, our high-quality elastic wristbands can be printed in full-colour digital print, either inside or outside of the wristband. It doubles your wristband real estate for increased custom branding. It also enhances call-to-action recall. Music to every promoter’s ears! Check out our classic and custom elastic wristband range and secure yours today. Contact our customer service centre now – 1300 797 478