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What are Full-Colour Fabric Wristbands?

Fabric wristbands are as close to 100% forgery proof as possible, because your text and artwork is printed in full-colour onto the fabric of the wristbands. They can be quickly and easily fitted via several locking mechanisms on offer. Perfect for multiday use, Fabric wristbands are the number one choice for music festivals and other big events.

AAC will match your desired PMS colours allowing high colour intensity. The use of strong background colours offers maximum effect allowing for differentiation between access rights. For example, a bright yellow background may mean one day access, bright green may mean two day access or VIP access.

  • 5 star security rating
  • Your own woven message or logo
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Non transferable
  • Fast and easy to fit
  • Made from strong and tough polyester
  • Suitable for single day or multi day use

Secured with a Slide Lock

These wristbands can be attached to the wrist using a slide lock. Once locked into place, it cannot be adjusted or removed without cutting, ensuring that the highest level of security is maintained. There are several slide locks available including plastic, and an exclusive AAC slide lock that has 16 teeth on the inside but includes a plastic casing for extra protection from tampering. Fabric Wristband Security!

Highest level of security and protection against replication or copying: Perhaps the single most important element of a wristband is its level of security. Fabric wristbands tackle this from both of the main elements of security; replication (copying) and removal / re-application.

Re-application: Fabric Wristbands are attached onto the arm using a slide lock, once fitted they cannot be removed

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Full-Colour Fabric Wristbands
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