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At AAC Events Specialists, we’re often asked if we can produce custom wristbands as the perfect accompaniment to an event’s ticketing. Absolutely. But we’ll also explore the possibilities and use it as the inspiration to create something both innovative and unique that fulfils any event identity and ticketing requirements. The result? One product. Multiple uses. And now available with a premium edge. Introducing the Tyvek Ticket & Wristband fusion ‘Wristix’.

Achieve it all with a single, sleek product solution: access, accreditation, admission, entry, identification, loyalty and security. Your tickets can be designed for event entry across any format. They can also double as a prize entry, making them great for casino and club gaming floors. Or why not add a promotion in which to capture customer details in order to stay in touch and create loyalty? With the addition of a wristband, you can manage crowd control, prize redemptions as well as create a memorable call-to-action for high recall with your patrons. Or for those with a flair for technology, why not up the stakes with barcodes & QR codes.

Contact our customer service centre today to find out more about how your event or venue can benefit and profit from our Wristix on 1300 797 478. Also available is the collection is our premium Ultra HD Wristix solution – simply click here.

AAC’s Tyvek Wristix custom collection is ideal for:

Casinos | Clubs | Concert Halls | Fundraising Events | Festivals | Galas | Performance Spaces | Major Promotions | Raffles | Sports Stadiums | Theatres

Don’t have a designer on hand? AAC has an in-house graphic design studio fully equipped with the latest software and technology. With competitive pricing, our artists are skilled to help you achieve the best your brand can be. Ask our customer service centre for further details via 1300 797 478 or submit a completed enquiry form adjacent now.

*For all Tyvek Wristix orders, only 5-7 business days to print from artwork approval is required. Minimum quantities apply.
**All international orders will be revised and updated with international postage and additional processing of any postage shortfall applied. A member of our customer service centre will contact you with a revised postage price.
Tyvek Wristix: 76mm
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AAC Tyvek wristbands are in such high demand around the globe with more than 100 million produced every year. But that doesn't stop us from looking for new innovations such as our Tyvek Ticket & Wristband custom collection.
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