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RFID Vinyl Wristbands


What are the Lead-times?

  • Custom Vinyl Wristband orders will be dispatched within 15-20 days of payment and artwork approval.
  • If your wristbands are required urgently, ask about our priority service option.

20 Days

What are Vinyl Wristbands?

Vinyl RFID Wristbands are a highly functional and secure wristband solution that is used by many festivals and events worldwide. RFID tags take the wristband to an entirely new level of security and social media functionality.? Depending on your event, venue, usage or goals, the type of RFID chip that you require will vary. The exact chip and specification are usually given to you by the company managing your scanning systems upon request. These wristbands are non-transferable and designed for multiday use.


How quickly can I receive Vinyl wristbands? Vinyl RFID wristbands are usually dispatched within 3-4 weeks of an order being confirmed, subject to quantity and requirements, and also the type of RFID chip/inlay you require. Who uses RFID wristbands? RFID wristbands are used by music festivals primarily, but also by smaller events, especially those running for multiple days. For similar RFID products, see our RFID Wristbands, or check out our blog on RFID technology. AAC is the largest wristband manufacturer and supplier in Australia. Contact us now for the AAC experience.