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Cardboard Coasters

Practical, cost-effective, and marketing-savvy. Crafted from premium 300gsm coaster board, these coasters are both thin and absorbent, ideal for showcasing your brand while protecting surfaces.

Our custom cardboard coasters build your brand in the cheapest way to build out print marketing for your restaurant or vendors!


• Protects Your Furniture

• Vibrant Prints

• Design Online Using Printflo

• Cheaper Print Marketing Solution Than Alternatives

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I'm Craving A Beer Wine Spirit

And I know you serve them, ice cold. So let’s cut a deal: You bring the bevvs, and we’ll provide your brand with beautiful cardboard coasters. 


These coasters are practical and cost effective. 


Not only that, but they serve as an effective marketing tool for your business.


We offer different shape and size options to suit your preferences. Crafted from high-quality 300 gsm premium coaster board, these coasters are designed to be both thin and absorbent.


They’re perfect for keeping your branding within easy reach while protecting your surfaces from watermarks and stains caused by condensation or beverage spills. Our coasters are known for their premium feel, setting them apart from standard coasters typically found in pubs and bars.

Customisation is key. You can create unique, eye-catching coasters that represent your brand and message effectively. Choose from circle or square shapes, both printed on the absorbent 300 GSM premium coaster board. 


With double-sided printing available, you have a range of design options to make the most of your coaster real-estate. You can showcase your logo and website on one side and promote upcoming events and specials on the other, the possibilities are endless.


The design process is easy and hassle-free. Simply upload your image files to our Product Design Tool, customise your coasters to your heart’s content, and choose the options that align with your brand. We’ll take it from there, ensuring your custom cardboard coasters arrive looking sharp and ready to make a lasting impression on your customers.

And let’s face it:

When it comes to brand association, there’s nothing better than your brand next to a Vic’ Bitter.

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