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Custom Full-Colour Polyester Lanyards with Heat Sublimation Print are the ideal solution for intricate and detailed logos. They have a soft silky feel and are more comfortable to wear than regular polyester lanyards. All colours (solid, blended and shaded) can be printed and the result is photo like. Heat Sublimation printing is long-lasting, durable and it will not peel or flake like other low-quality prints. The result is an amazing photo quality print with full colour including shading and blending. Full-Colour Lanyards are available in 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm width, with a range of different attachments.


Who uses custom full-colour polyester lanyards? Lanyards are one of the most common and well-utilised identification products in Australia. Often used for security, visitors, staff or patrons, lanyards are used to identify people and to display credentials. But, If you’re in a hurry, try our pre-printed lanyards (printed with VIP, STAFF or VISITOR) or even think about our range of Classic Lanyards in stock. See our Guide to Buying Lanyards Blog for more information.