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Positive patient identification is the most critical component of improving patient safety within any care facility. Enter Hospital Vinyl Wristbands. Once an ID solution is in place, it?s simpler to accurately track and manage other components such as specimens, medications and materials to enhance patient safety and process efficiency. Identification begins in admissions. AAC provide a range of long-lasting vinyl wristbands with a secure single use clip and a card insert so patients can be accurately identified throughout their stay. The cornerstone of patient safety, AAC wristbands enable immediate access to critical patient information at bedside and across all departments.

AAC hospital vinyl wristbands are available in child and adult sizes. If you are after more colour variety for allergy or special requirements, check out our wideface vinyl wristbands. Our vinyl medical wristbands are a 100% recycleable, food grade and allergen free material. They are sequentially numbered for those sneaky patients that like to swap id cards so a quick number reference can verify the identitiy you have on file. Buy online now! Alternatively, contact one of our friendly customer service agents on 1300 797 478.


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