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At AAC, we offer Australia’s leading range of accreditation cards to meet your exact specifications. After all, custom PVC id cards or passes is a critical working tool to ensure legitimate people gain access to the areas they perform their duties and prevent unauthorised people from gaining access; or, contribute to the safety and security of both events and venues so as to minimise the risk of damage to individuals and/or facilities; and, control the number of people in an area and prevent overcrowding.

AAC works closely with you to ensure your accreditation cards or passes reflect their function, value and significance. With a wide selection of affordable options to choose from, accreditation cards and passes can be either single- or double-sided. They can also be produced in full colour, come with a range finishes for elevated visibility and be assigned to specific staff, user groups, selected privileges or zones. We’ll customise your accreditation for what you want, how you want it and for when you need it. Sizes available are: 67mm (W) x 127mm (H) | 70mm (W) x 100mm (H) | 70mm (W) x 110mm (H) | 80mm (W) x 120mm (H)

Types of custom ID CARDS

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