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Patterned Tyvek Wristbands

$0.170 each Inc. GST $0.033 each Inc. GST

$0.170 each Inc. GST $0.033 each Inc. GSTeach Inc. GST
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Make a statement, tell a story or simply stand out at your next event. It’s all thanks to AAC’s exclusive range of high quality patterned tyvek wristbands. As popular patterns go, shapes and stripes continue to trend every season. And for every reason, because they’re age-appropriate, versatile and offer timeless style. Now with updated designs for wristbands, choose from full-image or sectional options in which custom branding and messaging can be added. There are literally hundreds of patterns available across the current range so check them out! AAC is proud to offer these exclusive designs which are not available anywhere else. AAC brings you the big fashion trends you need to know, right off the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris!

As Australia’s only 100% locally made digital print wristbands available anywhere, all AAC high quality patterned tyvek wristbands are built with the Tyvek toughness guarantee. As a result, they’re tamper-proof, tear-proof and water-proof as well as sequentially numbered meaning they’re security tight. Why shop anywhere else? AAC’s pattern wristbands are the most popular choice around the world so don’t delay. Order now!

Want to add some customisation? Contact our customer service centre to help create the wristband you want today 1300 797 478

What is the on Tyvek Wristbands?

  • All Patterned Wristbands ordered before 1pm(AEST) are same-day dispatch.

  • Custom Tyvek Wristband orders will be dispatched within 3 days of payment and artwork approval.
  • If your wristbands are required urgently, ask about our priority service option.

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Dimensions 25.4 × 2.5 × 0.01 cm

[Clearance!] At the Races – Red on Pink, [Clearance!] At the Races – Silver on Black, [Clearance!] Butterflies – Pink & Purple on Light Blue, [Clearance!] Butterflies – Purple & Silver on Pink, [Clearance!] Car Racing – Black on Light Yellow, [Clearance!] Car Racing – Black on Lime, [Clearance!] Car Racing – Black on White, [Clearance!] Clown – Lime on White, [Clearance!] Clown – Orange on White, [Clearance!] Concert – Lime on White, [Clearance!] Concert – Pink on White, [Clearance!] Flames – Light Blue on White, [Clearance!] Flames – Lime on White, [Clearance!] Flames – Orange on White, [Clearance!] Footprint – Lime on White, [Clearance!] Handprint – Lime on White, [Clearance!] Handprint – Orange on White, [Clearance!] Mermaids – Blue on White, [Clearance!] Musical Notes – Gold on Black, [Clearance!] Pirates – Black on Purple, [Clearance!] Pirates – Black on Red, [Clearance!] Pirates – Black on White, [Clearance!] Pit Pass Checker – Black on White, [Clearance!] Pit Pass Checker – Red on White, [Clearance!] Spellbound – Red & Pink on White, [Clearance!] Spellbound – Yellow & Lime on White, [Clearance!] Tribal Tiger – Black on Orange, [Clearance!] Underage – Lime on White, [Clearance!] Underage – Purple on White, [Clearance!] XXXX – Lime on White, [Clearance!] XXXX – Pink on White, At the Races – Blue on Gold, At the Races – Blue on Light Blue, Aussie Aussie Aussie, Bats – Black on Orange, Beach Sunset – Black on Sunfire, Beach Sunset – Orange on Yellow, Bubbles – Light Blue on White, Bubbles – Lime on White, Bubbles – Orange on White, Bubbles – Pink on White, Camo – Blue, Camo – Green, Carnival – Multi-colour on White, Carnival – Multi-colour on Yellow, Carnival – Red on Yellow, Cars – Blue on Light Blue, Checkerboard – Black on White, Checkerboard – Blue on White, Checkerboard – Orange on White, Checkerboard – Pink on White, Christmas – Multi-colour on Green, Christmas – Multi-colour on Red, Confetti – Yellow, Diamond – Blue on White, Diamond – Lime on White, Diamond – Red on White, Dolphin – Blue on Light Blue, Drinking Age Verified (DAV) – Light Blue on White, Drinking Age Verified (DAV) – Lime on White, Drinking Age Verified (DAV) – Orange on White, Drinking Age Verified (DAV) – Pink on White, Drinking Age Verified (DAV) – Red on White, Footprint – Blue on White, Happy Birthday – Blue, Happy Birthday – Pink, Happy face – Blue on White, Happy face – Multi-colour on Lime, Happy face – Multi-colour on Red, Happy face – Red on White, Hypnotic – Lime, Hypnotic – White, Mermaids – Purple on Pink, Musical Notes – Lime, Musical Notes – Silver, New Year – Silver on Black, Party – White, Party – Yellow, Polka Dot – Lime on White, Polka Dot – Orange on White, Puzzle, Skull & Crossbones – Red, Staff – Black on Yellow, Star – Lime on White, Star – Orange on White, Star – Purple on White, Star – Red on White, Star – Yellow on White, Stripes – Gold, Stripes – Light Yellow, Stripes – Lime, Stripes – Purple, Stripes – Red, Stripes – Silver, Stripes – Sunfire, VIP – Black on Blue, VIP – Black on Lime, VIP – Black on Orange, VIP – Black on Red, VIP – Black on Silver, VIP – Black on Yellow, Visitor – Black on Red, Zig Zag – Blue on White, Zig Zag – Lime on White