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Style yourself with PVC slap bands from AAC Event Specialists today! A great branding tool for events, PVC slap bands are both a novelty and an effective promotional platform to create increased awareness. Custom slap bands are fun and the spill-over effect which comes from branding ensures your event will have an entertainment edge which can push results beyond the norm. It’s all about getting more from your marketing and the broad appeal of PVC slap bands makes them a one-size-fits-all solution. So, how do they work? Simples! They’re equipped with an internal coil spring inside that curls and ‘slaps’ into place when pressed against your wrist, lower arm or even ankle. Available in a wide range of colours, design a PVC slap band today to match your event expectations. Contact our customer service centre today – 1300 797 478.

PVC Slap Bands are ideal for:

Amusement & Theme Parks | Arts & Music Festivals | Bars, Clubs & Pubs | Carnivals, Circuses & Fetes | Charities | Conferences & Exhibitions | Cruises & Harbour Tours | Fitness & Leisure Centres | Functions & Events | Kids Birthday Parties | Product Launches | Tourist Souvenirs

Need help with your custom Tyvek design? AAC has an in-house graphic design studio fully equipped with the latest software and technology. With competitive pricing, our artists are skilled to help you achieve the best your brand can be. Ask our customer service centre for further details via 1300 797 478 or submit a completed enquiry form adjacent now.

*For PVC Slap Band orders, please allow 2-3 days for classic, and up to 3-4 weeks delivery from artwork approval for custom.
**All international orders will be revised and updated with international postage and additional processing of any postage shortfall applied. A member of our customer service centre will contact you with a revised postage price.
PVC Slap Wristbands
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Slap Bands can truly make a difference when it comes to branding and promotions. The only decision you need to make is what kind of difference you want to make!
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