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Retractable Zinger Badge Reels


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What are Retractable Zinger ?

Retractable Zinger Badge Reels provide an alternative to lanyards, and allow identification to be easily accessed. As the name implies the retractable attaches to a plastic ID card and a piece of clothing or belt loop to hold it close to the body.

The cord stretches to 80cm in length for when you need to show Plastic ID Cards, scan a key fob or use your keys. Then, when you’re done, it ‘zings’ back into place, shortening to keep your ID safe and close at all times. All wrapped neat and tightly inside the circular reel spool. 


It’s a simple, yet timeless and useful accessory for any set of ID, keys and fob. Because your ID is important, you need to keep it safe!

You can also order our Custom Retractable Zinger Badge Reels are also easy to customize and personalize. Choose from different colours, shapes, and sizes to match your brand, logo, or theme. 

You can also add your own text, image, or design to the front or back of the zinger spool, making it more attractive and unique. Custom Retractable Zinger Badge Reels are ideal for any organisation, event, or occasion that requires identification, security, or access control.

They are perfect for schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, conferences, festivals, or trade shows.

If Retractable Zingers Badge Reels aren’t your jam…

 We have tonnes of other ID Accessories to suit any ID Card Needs

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