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AAC Event Solutions are the market leaders when it comes to wide face vinyl wristbands. Why? Our wristbands are famous for their high quality construction, streamline design and luxurious finish. When combined, it creates a super comfortable yet ultra strong wristband. As a result, if you want an outstanding asset that best reflects your brand, custom messaging and promotional needs, our high quality wide face vinyl wristband range is the perfect choice. If fashionistas are anything to go by, wide face vinyl is the wristband you should really add to your event calendar this season!

With every vinyl wristband, security and strength are important. Our wide face vinyl range is no exception. As a rule, they’re stretch-proof, tamper-proof and water resistant. Furthermore, they’re sequentially numbered for extra protection. There’s also an ?easy-lock? single snap mechanism for non-transferability. Above all, our vinyl wristbands come with a four-star security rating.

Our wide face vinyl wristbands are highly adaptable to every occasion as well. It’s the distinctive use of material, shape and colours. We’re told its greatest appeal is the central real estate ?hot spot? for maximum visual appeal and exposure. It offers loads of increased brand and message recall opportunities. Available in both classic and custom, vinyl isn’t new to the market but it’s definitely enjoying its mainstream moment! We salute Pierre Cardin – the father of vinyl fashion! Order online now.

After something more custom? Create an original wide face vinyl wristband for that one-of-a-kind look. Click on the customise button and start designing now! Need help with your design? Our graphic artist is available to help create the best wristband for you. Enquire now – 1300 797 478. Have you considered straight vinyl wristbands? With a sleek design, it can also offer a custom sleek look – click here?to explore.


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