Artwork Guidelines


The colours depicted on this website may vary slightly to those of final products. This is due to differences in monitors, browsers, operating systems etc. If you have any questions related to specific colours, please touch base with the AAC and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

PMS Colours

Matching PMS colours can be a tricky. Click here to browse through the official PMS colour chart where you can make your selection. Due to the discrepancies of choosing PMS colours from your computer, AAC highly recommends that a physical PMS chart is obtained wherever possible.

CMYK Colours

Matching CMYK colours can be a tricky. Click here to browse through the Adobe colour tool to make your selection.


If your artwork contains a special font, please send the font file to us along with your artwork. This will allow for the editing of your text. If your text requires no editing, please ensure that fonts are outlined (this applies to .ai and .eps files).


For best quality print results please try to ensure that image files (JPG / PNG) are a minimum of 300 dpi or vector where required.


AAC use “Vector Artwork” to create a high quality print output, ensuring your print quality is superb. The best files to supply us are; .eps .ai or high resolution PDF files as they are fully editable and of the highest quality. (Please note: Simply saving your bitmap file as an .eps or PDF file will not create a true vector output). Only have a jpeg, tiff or gif file? Don’t worry, our graphics team is very experienced and can work magic with almost anything! However, converting this artwork may incur a charge of $65 per hour.

ARtWORK HotSpot Templates


We will send you an email with a link to your official artwork proof within our signing tool ‘Pandadoc’. You can communicate directly with our graphics team through the chat function within the artwork proof. It is at this point you can make as many changes you wish. Once you are 100% happy, we will require you to approve your artwork within the portal but adding you name, date and signature.

No need to contact us after this has been done, we will automatically receive a copy of the approval and your order will progress into production without delay.

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