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Bollard Signs

Designed to effortlessly slip over the top of traffic bollards, these signs offer high visibility and durability. AAC's Bollard Signs are ideal for conveying safety messages or directions in high-traffic areas. Withstand the elements while maintaining clear, vibrant messaging. Enhance your space with these practical, easy-to-install signs

Effortlessly slip these over the top of traffic bollards, to transform them into an advertising opportunity!


• Design Online via PrintFlo

• Turn Eyesore into Focal Point

• Durable and Fade Resistant

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You're A City Slicker At Heart

Well, probably. I don’t know, I’m just a product description. 

But we can all agree that cities have a few problems.

The endless concrete and steel, sprayed in gray and brown paint isn’t appealing to the eye. And for business owners, the endless billboards and advertising makes it hard to stand out.


Well, custom bollard signs are the solution to those problems. They take an eyesore and turn it into eyes on your brand. They’re bright and bold and bring much needed life to the cityscape. These signs are a cost-effective, robust, and weatherproof solution for enhancing the appearance of your location, conveying important messages, and promoting your business or events.


These signs are digitally printed in full color on all sides, ensuring that your design stands out and remains vibrant outdoors. 

And setting up our Bollard Signs is a breeze.

They are supplied flat and come complete with tabs cut into the corrugated corflute, allowing you to assemble them in seconds. With a built-in self-locking system, they stand tall and stay securely in place. This quick and hassle-free setup makes them a perfect choice for various locations, including petrol stations.


Our custom signs are a versatile


They are a weather-resistant solution for improving the visual appeal of an area, conveying important messages, and offering promotional opportunities for businesses and events. Their the answer to bland cities and the generic sea of marketing within them.


Whether you want to enhance aesthetics, promote your business, or create a themed atmosphere for an event, our Bollard Signs provide an effective, eye-catching, and cost-efficient solution.


And our product design tool gives you the creative boost you need to order online, with ease.

Get your message across with our custom Bollard Signs, and order yours today to make an impact.

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