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rPET Fabric Wristbands


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What are rPET Fabric Wristbands?

Introducing AAC’s rPET Fabric Wristbands – Unparalleled Security and Vibrant Color Expression


Experience the ultimate in event wristband security and vibrant custom design with our rPET Fabric Wristbands. While we’ve replaced woven wristbands with the eco-friendly rPET fabric, the core of unbeatable security remains unchanged. These wristbands are a popular choice for music festivals and large events, providing multi-day durability and a host of benefits.

Unmatched Forgery-Proof Assurance

Our rPET Fabric Wristbands are virtually forgery-proof. Your text and artwork are flawlessly integrated into the wristband fabric, making them incredibly resistant to duplication.

Customised Color Intensity


AAC is committed to achieving the exact PMS colors you desire, ensuring high color intensity. Bold background colors make access rights differentiation a breeze. For instance, a striking yellow background signifies one-day access, while vivid green may denote two-day or VIP access. Choose between woven or full-color printing based on the complexity of your artwork. While woven wristbands are ideal for up to 5-6 colors, printed fabric offers limitless color options and intricate detailing.

Exceptional Features


  • 5-Star Security Rating: These wristbands offer top-tier security to safeguard your event.
  • Personalized Woven Message or Logo: Add your unique touch with custom weaving.
  • Comfortable to Wear: Crafted from soft and comfortable rPET fabric.
  • Non-Transferable: Once locked, they can’t be transferred.
  • Easy Application: Fast and effortless fitting.
  • Eco-Friendly rPET Material: Made from 100% post-consumer PET fabric.
  • Single or Multi-Day Use: Suitable for any event duration.

Advanced Slide Lock Mechanisms

Our rPET Fabric Wristbands come with various slide lock options. Once you secure it, it’s impossible to adjust without cutting the wristband! This makes it super secure. Choose from bamboo, plastic, or our exclusive AAC high security slide lock, featuring 16 teeth for added tamper resistance. Looking for a festival-friendly option? Ask about our non-secure bead lock, perfect for keepsakes and reusability.

Top-Tier Security and Protection

The security of your event is paramount. Our rPET Fabric Wristbands tackle both aspects of security: replication and removal. They are non-transferable and secure against copying. Once applied, they stay put, providing the highest level of security. If you’re seeking similar products with woven charm, explore our Woven Wristbands.

AAC’s rPET Fabric Wristbands redefine event security while offering the versatility and vibrancy you need. Make your event unforgettable with unmatched wristband solutions.

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