Exploring the World of Lanyards: Your Comprehensive Guide

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Lanyards may seem like simple accessories, but they come in all different shapes and sizes. They’re both a necessity (for ID and events) and an accessory. Something that wraps around your neck needs to be comfortable, sure. But, it also needs to be stylish. The right lanyard can act as a pearl necklace to your brand and customer (or staff member). And obviously, understanding the different materials and specs helps you to make the right choice for your needs. In this quick guide, we’ll delve into the world of lanyards, explore common types, and discuss why designing your own custom lanyards can be a meaningful choice.

There’s Many Different Types

Polyester Lanyards:

Polyester lanyards are the cost-effective and no-frills solution. They are durable, comfortable, and offer good print quality, making them suitable for budget-conscious businesses and events.

Nylon Lanyards:

Nylon lanyards have a smooth, shiny finish and are known for their durability. Think of the lanyards used in schools, government agencies, and security-conscious organizations, that’s them.

Woven Lanyards:

Overview: Woven lanyards are crafted with intricate fabric weaving techniques, allowing for detailed designs. They offer a professional look and are favoured by corporate businesses and luxury brands.

Eco-Friendly Options:

In our environmentally conscious age, it’s crucial to consider eco-friendly lanyard options. rPET Lanyards, constructed from 100% post-consumer PET material, are a fantastic sustainable choice. You can also explore Bamboo Lanyards and Cornfiber Lanyards as eco-conscious alternatives. These lanyards allow you to demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Which is best then?

Well, none. They all have their place. When choosing which type, consider factors like budget, durability, and aesthetics.

Not only that but lanyards can have custom touches, adding a unique touch.

So, if you want to go custom, we’ve got you covered. You can design lanyard tailored to your business easily. Having them personalised gives better brand recognition and a professional identity. And customisation fosters a sense of unity among your team. It’s a little part of your big team, promoting comradery.

But I’m no designer…

Don’t worry, custom lanyards are easier to create than you think. Especially when you use AAC’s product design tool.

For starters, opt for a clean, minimalistic design that’s easy to read and visually pleasing. Next just pick colors that align with your brand or event theme, creating a harmonious palette.

Also, just ensure logos and graphics are high-resolution and clear, improving legibility and continuity.

You’re getting closer.

Next we need to consider the lanyard’s purpose when designing, leaving space for names and titles or incorporating additional attachments for keys or small items. Consider clips, fasteners and quick release to make the use of your ID easier and easier. Again, depending on use case, these small touches can make a big difference to the wearer.

Moreover, bundling your ID cards with your lanyards provides your brand with a consistent and polished image. It’s an efficient way to save both time and money. When your ID cards and lanyards work in perfect harmony, your brand shines brighter and your staff or attendees enjoy a smoother experience.

So, whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly lanyard, the perfect lanyard attachments, or want to explore the benefits of bundling your ID cards with lanyards, we’ve got you covered.

Your done!

Once your custom lanyard design is ready, and you have a matching AAC ID card, ordering is straightforward through our website.

Select the quantity and any customization options, review your order, provide shipping and payment details, and relax as we handle production and delivery.

Click the button below to make your order today.

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