Amusement & Theme Parks

For today’s amusement and theme park businesses, patience isn’t always a virtue. It’s all thanks to a cultural shift toward impatience — fed by increasing ‘instant’ and downloadable entertainment options – is demanding it. To remain relevant to the entertain-me-right-this-second generation, these popular destination attractions must always be in total control of the experience. And part of that successful formula includes high-quality access and crowd control solutions.

Having big crowds is always a sign of success for any amusement and theme park. However, it’s how crowds are managed that ultimately determines a park’s success. The primary goal is to make customers happier – which translates into increased revenue. But to achieve that, customers need to spend more per visit and visit more often. AAC offers a range of product options for amusement and theme parks of all shapes and sizes. With ticket fraud, crowd control and customer experience improvements universal issues for today’s operators, barcode access control wristbands and RFID options, while enhancing security, also assist in improved operational management. AAC Event Specialists offer products to suit every park including budget, cashless and custom wristbands through to both bespoke and stock selections across ticketing and tokens – popular cashless alternatives for food & beverage outlets – as well as staff identity options for improved access control.


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