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Every effective crowd control solution is an admission ticket to future success guaranteed!


For Australia’s best pre-printed classic roll tickets, look no further than AAC. Nowhere else will you find such an incredible range of exclusive designs. No other ticket suppliers even come close to our designer-look tickets. So don’t settle for second rate quality any longer! Available across 10 vibrant colours including designs across admissions, various denominations and food & beverage. They’re the most cost-effective ticketing system available. In fact, printed paper roll tickets are the perfect tool for effective crowd management. Use them for almost anything such as cloakrooms, concerts, events and functions. They’re also ideal for busy hospitality venues and outdoor festival service areas.

Each ticket is perforated for easy tear-off, sequentially numbered for recording purposes and printed on 150gsm stock for durable handling. Additionally, our printed rolls are also supplied in rolls of 1,000 tickets. An individual ticket measures 28mm x 50mm. Check out our other roll tickets here. After something a little more custom? Check out our custom printed roll tickets here. Available in unlimited colours, patterns and images, our custom tickets are ideal for anyone wanting a little bit more out of their ticket investment. For additional information regarding the value and use of roll tickets across both events and venues, check out our blog for more insights (click here).


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