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Custom Tickets: Paper Sheets
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Is time of the essence when it comes to your event or venue operations? If you’re short on time but need to turn over tickets sales in sizable quantities quickly, AAC Event Specialists has the ticketing solution you require. Introducing cost-effective custom sheet ticketing – the most succinct and swift quick fix to speed up both ticket sales and queues. Customise your ticket sheets any way you want. They work perfectly for food & beverage vouchers, game tickets, raffle tickets, ride tickets and so much more!

Tickets are supplied in easy-to-use sheets of 5 tickets x 5 tickets, with the top number in each column sequentially numbered in a special “step 5” numbering pattern. Tickets are additionally fan folded for ease of use and distribution.

Fully adaptable to your custom design, each ticket is perforated for easy tear-off, sequentially numbered for recording purposes, printed on 150gsm paper and supplied in sets of 1,000 tickets (with an individual ticket measuring 28mm x 50mm).

Don’t have a designer on hand? AAC has an in-house graphic design studio fully equipped with the latest software and technology. With competitive pricing, our artists are skilled to help you achieve the best your brand can be. Ask our customer service centre for further details via 1300 797 478 or submit a completed enquiry form adjacent now.

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