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As an ingenious device to help navigate your customers, manage crowds and control queues and service lines, custom tokens are used across countless events and venues as well as industry sectors and for a wide range of purposes. If anything, custom tokens are a great alternative for cash to use for payment at bars, clubs concerts, events, festivals and trade shows. They are also ideal for admissions, calling cards, rewards and shopping carts. To maximise the effects of your tokens and to achieve a more elevated feel why not consider custom embossed plastic tokens. Available in 25mm or 29mm with personalisation on both sides, whatever your design it will be clearly legible and produced in the same colour as the token. For more details, to discuss your design requirements or to place an order contact our customer service centre on 1300 797 478.

Need help with your custom plastic token design? AAC has an in-house graphic design studio fully equipped with the latest software and technology. With competitive pricing, our artists are skilled to help you achieve the best your brand can be. Ask our customer service centre for further details via 1300 797 478 or submit a completed enquiry form adjacent now.

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