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Customised Parking Permit Stickers

Streamline your parking management with these durable, easy-to-spot stickers. Customisable with your logo or numbering, they ensure authorised parking and enhance security.

Parking management with these durable, easy-to-spot stickers, customisable to your liking!


• Residue-Free Adhesive

• Applied To Interior For Lasting Use

• Custom Printed To Fit Your Brand

• Made In Australia

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Parking is painful!

Make it a little easier for you and your patrons with: Our Customised Parking Permit Stickers


AAC’s Parking Permit Stickers not only enable efficient management of your parking facilities but also enhance convenience for your customers. These stickers are produced from premium 5-year UV-resistant vinyl, ensuring they withstand various weather conditions while being straightforward to apply and remove. 


The innovative design of these stickers allows for hassle-free removal, thanks to the vinyl material that peels off cleanly without leaving any sticky residue on the windshield. For added security, the adhesive is applied to the printed face of the sticker, allowing it to be affixed on the inside of the windscreen, making it inaccessible to passersby.


Moreover, we offer the flexibility to personalise your parking permit stickers using our online designer tool. This feature allows you to create custom permit designs that meet your specific requirements, ensuring your parking permits are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.



These stickers are versatile, ideal for various settings such as events, festival parking, educational institutions, residential complexes, and workplace parking.



After something quickly? See our plain square or circle parking permit stickers, in stock and available for immediate dispatch.


AAC's Parking Permit Stickers make parking so much easier.


Bottom line? Our customised parking permit stickers are the best in the business!


They stick, and stay stuck. 

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